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Going onto Medicare or turning 65?

We can help answer any questions you have about Medicare. There are four parts to Medicare, Social Security only helps you set up payment for one part, but you still have to pick a plan. There are over 60 companies offering plans this year, and it becomes overwhelming turning 65. Most of the calls you get are from people that only work for one company. So would you rather speak with 20-60 different sales reps, or with one expert with 10-15 years experience, and access to all the companies offering plans in your area? Let us save you time & headache! Please fill out the Contact form below or call us.

Covered through an employer, or another plan?

Most employers don’t give you free insurance anymore. So how do you know if your plan or employer plan is better, if you’ve never seen the options from all the companies offering Medicare plans? We can quickly show you how your employer's plan may compare with a Medicare Supplement Plan, or Medicare Advantage plan. We are experts at comparing Medicare plans to employer or other plans.

Are you already on Medicare?

Medicare Supplement & Medicare Advantage plan's cost usually go up each year. Most agents will never call you again after signing up, and some Medicare Supplement companies can raise your rates 2 - 3 times a year later on. If you signed up directly with an insurance company, then they will likely never call you to make sure you are happy with your plan, and they certainly won’t offer to compare rates with other companies to save you $. We have been personally calling all our clients every single year. If anyone ever wants to shop again, we have access to all the prices from all the plans at any time. Wouldn’t you like to hear the unbiased feedback about rate increases from over thousands of our Medicare beneficiaries from the last 15 years, for free?"


1. How does this process work, & is there a fee?

Some companies or sales reps will charge you $150 or more, simply to explain Medicare. With us there is no fee. Whether you have a general question about Medicare, Medicare Supplement Plans, Medicare Advantage Plans, Long Term Care, Dental Coverage, Life Insurance, Retirement planning, or Health Insurance, we can help. Also the cost of your plan is the same whether you work with us moving forward or not. So for the exact same price, you can view all your options & cost, while getting unbiased feedback from an expert with a minimum of 10-15 years experience.


Please fill out the information below, so we can contact you directly with accurate pricing & benefit information. Your information is fully guaranteed to not be sold, or shared with any third party websites or agencies. Most websites share or sell your information to 5-10 sales reps. You’ll be contacted directly by only ONE of our Benefit Specialists with access to all the plans in the state.

2. If I am still working, do I need to compare my plan & costs with Medicare?

Yes! Medicare becomes your primary source of insurance at 65 whether you are working or not, for any tax payer of ten years or more. Unless your plan is free, or has a $0 co pay for any treatment at the hospital or doctor, it’s usually in your best interest to do a proper comparison.

3. What is the most I would pay in a worst case scenario on Medicare, if something major happened?

Did you know that about 70%-90% of people that have Medicare Advantage Plans, don’t understand their Maximum out of pocket expense? As long as you visit a hospital that accepts your plan (in network), you will have a maximum dollar amount you will pay, every calendar year for treatment. The average is about $4000-$6700 per year nationwide, UNLESS you have a standardized Medicare Supplement Plan which covers the other 20% of your Medical expenses.

If you do not have a Medicare Supplement plan, your out of pocket expense can be unlimited if you happen to be outside your plan’s regional network. Want to know more about your Max out of pocket expenses? Fill out the section below for more info or call us.

4. Can I just have Social Security set me up for Medicare, 3 months out from when I turn 65?

Social Security will only set you up for payment of one of the parts of Medicare, three months out or less from when you turn 65. They do not explain Medicare plans, benefits, or prices & comparisons. They are basically there to make sure you pay into Medicare once it begins. There are four parts to Medicare, you still have to pick a plan, compare that plan to what you have now, and see what the best fit is for you. Some Medicare plans allow you to enroll 6-12 months early, so you can get the lowest rate possible. Since there is a process to this, it’s best to see the timeline of setting up Medciare yourself.

5. What is the term Medigap Plan, and why do you need one?

It’s just another term for a Medicare Supplement plan, which fills in the gaps that Medicare doesn’t cover. Most people know Medicare only covers 80% of your Medical expenses. This can include Cancer treatment, surgery, any outpatient treatment, and doctor visits. Unless you have a Standardized Medicare Supplement Plan named by a single letter, then you are usually responsible for 20% of your Medical expenses every year.

Medicare Advantage plans DO NOT cover the 20% of your Medical expenses.

6. What’s the most overlooked aspect about Medicare Supplement or Medigap Plans?

Rate increases!! Did you know that Medicare Supplement plans are the same by letter? Same doctors, hospitals, and benefits exactly. So the only difference is price. Most of the top companies are offering plans within $20-$30 a month of each other for the same plan. So if the Supplement plan is the same by letter, the prices are very close starting out between most of the major companies, then what is the difference? =Rate Increases. For the last 15 years, we have personally been calling our clients every single year when their plan comes up for its annual anniversary. If anyone wants us to shop the rates again due to a rate increase, we can look up all the prices in the state at any time. Most agents you’ll never hear from again, or they only work for or sell 1-2 companies.

7. Do most plans come with Prescription coverage? Dental or Vision, or Silver Sneakers?

Some Medicare Advantage Plans do help with Prescription coverage, dental cleanings, a vision exam, or a discount off eye glasses. Original Medicare does not offer these benefits. Silver Sneakers is a Health fitness club discount program, which some Advantage plans offer. However in exchange for these extra benefits, you are left paying 20% of all your Medical expenses, because you don’t have a Medicare Supplement. Medicare Supplement plans that cover the 20%, do not offer these bells and whistles like dental & vision checkups. They are designed to cover major expenses at the hospital & doctor.

8. Can I have a Medicare Supplement Plan & a Medicare Advantage Plan at the same time?

No. You have to choose which plan type fits you best.Medicare Supplement is private insurance, which pays the 20% for the expenses Medicare doesn’t cover. You pay for a Supplement plan each month yourself, but you pay nothing or very little at the doctor or hospital. A Medicare Advantage plan does not cost much or anything per month, but you are paying the 20% of your Medical expenses not covered by Medicare.

9. Can I keep my Employer Plan and a Medicare Supplement if I’m 65 or older?

No. Employer plans are not originally designed to supplement Medicare. They are designed to cover people before they retire that are still working. Nowadays many 65 year olds are still working, so it’s always in your best interest to do a proper comparison. Even if you have free coverage, that free coverage does come with limitations with doctor & hospital selection. You cannot go anywhere you want nationwide for treatment. Everyone has heard the phrase, “You get what you pay for!” Well it’s always good to ask yourself, if I am not paying anything, what am I really getting? We are experts at comparing employer plans with all types of Medicare Plans, let us help you compare as well.

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